Many young people are experiencing difficulties in their educational, professional and personal lives. Research has shown that creativity can lead to powerful breakthroughs in overcoming these difficulties.

The benefits of creativity are endless. It can increase your capability to overcome perceived challenges, and make you more open to taking on new opportunities and coping with transition. It can deepen relationships and reduce feelings of isolation, while also increasing your self-awareness and ability to express individuality. Creativity can help in expanding your horizons and encourage positive thinking, establishing new thought processes.

We work through a variety of creative streams and our practitioners are trained in the visual, literary and performing arts. We organise workshops for young people to collaborate in learning and exploring the creative disciplines. Visual arts can include sculpting, painting and filmmaking, while the literary arts can include creative writing and storytelling. Our performing arts streams also cover theatre, music, dance and more.

The Foundation is proud of its three-fold approach, which works to ensure that our participants have access to the resources and support needed to conquer their individual barriers.

For many and various reasons, young people can often feel as though there is something blocking them from realising their full potential: a barrier between them and self-fulfilment. Through arts awareness and creativity, the Foundation believes that women can overcome these barriers and express themselves in an empowering and uplifting way that enables their personal development and well-being.

In all three of our programmes, we prioritise the establishment of a strong and supportive community, which is essential to educational, professional and personal growth at the level of the individual, community and institution.

Our programmes are free of charge and open to all young people. Whatever school you attended, whatever your qualifications, financial background, ethnicity or age; you are welcome to join us.

1. The Creative Inspired Life Foundation Community Programmes

Local Community Programmes 
Our creative practitioners run regular workshops and classes which guide our participants through their choice of the visual, literary and performing arts in a group setting. We recognize the importance of providing a nurturing and safe environment for female self-empowerment, and aim to make the programmes as inclusive as possible to women of all ages and backgrounds. The Local Community Programmes also organise a localised support system of young people who can connect and encourage each other in their home-town.
Global Community Programmes

Uniquely, the Creatively Inspired Life Foundation Global Community Programmes provide a mutual support network for women who have recently moved into the community, including those who are studying, travelling and working abroad. For many people, arriving in a new and unknown environment can feel daunting and isolating. We believe in the power of creative expression to help women connect and form lasting relationships. Our global programmes of creative workshops exist to help women create welcoming and resilient networks with others who have recently moved to the area.

They work alongside the Local Community Programmes, and young people have the opportunity to transition from the global to the local programmes where they can feel part of a lasting and supportive local community.

Currently the Global Community Programmes run throughout cities in the UK, Europe, USA, India and Africa.

2. The Global Network of Individual Mentoring Programmes
As well as benefiting from group workshops run by creative practitioners who are experts in their field, the foundation works with a global network of creative mentors, providing one-on-one, more personal and long-term support to our young people. The mentoring programmes work by finding the right mentor based on the participant’s specific interests, needs, creative profile and location. Our mentors provide one-to-one guidance and support to those who need it most. The Foundation creates and nurtures lasting personal relationships between mentors and mentees. We believe this is essential to motivating women to overcome developmental barriers, offering invaluable advice and encouragement.
Our mentors work to empower young people to develop within their education, careers and personal lives.
3. Institutional Outreach Programmes
We are passionate about creating a culture where those facing developmental barriers in their education and careers can find a breakthrough via creative expression. Our creative practitioners also work with a network of pre-existing established schools and businesses, adapting to their various and specific needs. For example, this may involve working with a participant who has a specific learning difficulty in their education or a personal issue holding them back from fulfilling their potential in their careers.
If you feel like you or someone you know could benefit from the support of the Creatively Inspired Life Foundation or require further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 
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